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Music & Light Orion Spa Divine Line

Produit Music & Light Orion Spa

The Strong points of the 5 seats - Orion spa

du Music & Light Orion Spa
LightSensor Serie

Illuminated pannels and corners

On this spa range, we developed an ambient lighting system directly into the spa’s exterior cladding. This system works in tandem with the chromotherapy system, allowing you to relax in and out of the spa.

Sound system

Music in your skin

Here, we have integrated a music system directly into the spa. First two pop-up speakers (retractable) in the corners of the spa, allowing you to listen to your favorite music in stereo, and then a Bluetooth system, which allows you to control your music not only from your on-board computer, but also from your smartphone or digital tablet.

Two elongated benches

The elongated benches

The Orion spa and its two lounges on each side of the seat will allow a moment of escape, to abandon the people who have taken possession of these seats. Designed for family or friends, it will let you relax while being side by side.
And for everyone to enjoy, there are different levels of footrests so that people of all sizes can find what they are looking for.

Low consumption

An economical spa

The consumption of a spa depends on several parameters such as the volume of water to be heated, its environment, outdoor or indoor, buried or not.
In order to reduce the influence of these different factors, we have worked on several points; first of all, the insulation of the tank, the latter must be important, this will avoid heat loss, and to do this, we have added a layer of dense polyurethane foam.
The insulation of the panels is also an important point, as they are well insulated, allowing the heat released by the pumps and various motors to be recycled, rather than lost, into natural heating.
Finally, the last point, present on some spas, is the ABS base, this polymer base makes a barrier between the spa and the ground, thus preventing moisture from rising from the ground, as well as freshness.


designed for your comfort
  • Characteristics
  • Equipment
  • LightSensor Serie
Capacity :

5 Persons

Dimensions :

225 x 225 x 95 cm

Net Weight :

410 Kg

Volume of water :

1500 L

Hydrotherapy Jets :


Water Pump :

3 HP x 3

Aerotherapy jets :


Air Pump :

700 W

Filtration Pump :

0.5 HP

On-board computer :

Spa Touch 2

Electric Box Balboa :


Balboa heater :

3 KW

Power Supply :

230V / 280V

ARISTECH Acrylics :


BioLok System :


Disinfection :

Ozone Plasma

Cartridge Filtration :


Low consumption filtration :


Isolation :

Four seasons

ABS Base :


Audio System :

Balboa Baa2

Loud Speaker :

Pop-Up backlit x2

Wifi :

Balboa New BWA

Aromatherapy :


Luxury filter cover :


Foot wedge levels :


Power Regulator :


Cup Holder :


Waterfall :


Easy Drain :


Winter Cover :


LightSensor Serie
Chromotherapy Spot :


Waterlevel Led Lights :


Backlit Jets :


Waterfall Backlight :


Backlit River :


Backlit headrest :


Backlit angles :


Backlit Panels :


Backlit skimmer :


On/Off Backlit :


Backlit Regulators :


Therapy & Massages

Poseidon spas are designed to provide you with an extraordinary wellness experience through their many therapies.

Trident Massage

The signature massage of Poseidon Spa: two huge jets placed at the bottom of your back that allow a wide circulation of water all over your back. An exceptional massage that reflects the large hands of a masseuse, going from your lumbar to your shoulders.

Neck Massage

Massage jets integrated into the headrests for a powerful massage on your neck. For more comfort, the neck massage is adjustable independently of the other massages in the seat.

Waterfall massage

Inspired by the shiatsu massage, this a-typical massage allows you to enjoy the substantial flows of water that falls on your shoulders, neck or even your head for a sensation of renewed vitality

Plantar reflexology

A must-have massage: plantar reflexology is the best way to relax your body by working on various sensitive points on your feet. The foot massage is also a great way to restore their vitality after a day spent in shoes that are not always comfortable !

Feather massage

A gentle that is ideal for heavy legs: aerojets placed under your legs create a feeling weightlessness to soothe tired legs.

Rolling massage

Let yourself be enveloped by the flows of water that circulate throughout your body to soothe tensions and enjoy a deep massage of all your muscles, a divine sensation reproducing the thumbs or hands of your masseur that rotate on your body.

Intensive massage

Ideal for who like strog sensations, these intense waters jets rub throughout your body. They are wide and strong water jets for a deep and a powerful massage.

Leg River seat

The ergonomics of the shell have been developed to provide a draining massage. The curved jets wrapping your legs with an invigorating massage.

Twist massage

A rhythmic and dynamic massage with jets that whirl around every part of your body to invigorate and soothe the tensions of your body with a very nice patting sensation.

Vortex massage

A pleasant caress of your back offers a peacefull break with water bubbles that soften your body and soothe your mind

Technology at the service of the spa

Balboa Spa touch2
Free of complicated buttons and keys, the new Balboa Spa touch 2 touch screen is pleasant to use, easy to understand, high-performance and has an intuitive and attractive interface. A screen 40% larger than its predecessor, made with high-tech materials, allowing it to be used even when the screen is covered with water!
Audio Balboa BBA 2
Thanks to Balboa's brand new BBA TM2 system, you can now listen to the music of your choice comfortably installed in your Poseidon Spa. The playlists will be managed from your Balboa Spa Touch 2 touch screen or from your smartphone. The speakers integrated into your spa allow you to listen comfortably to your favorite songs.
Wifi Balboa BWA
The Balboa Global Application (bwa™), is a mobile application (Android™ or iPhone®) that allows you to access your spa from your mobile or tablet via a direct connection, a Wifi connection or a 3G, 4G network. With the bwa™ application, you can make sure your spa is ready when you want to swim. Instead of going outside to press the buttons on the center panel, the application allows you to turn on your spa and change functions from your laptop or tablet. The application allows full control of the functions so you can control the temperature, turn the pumps on or off and even adjust the filtration cycles.


Divine Line
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